is an inclusive program, providing both ample
background research into each featured topic and a
blueprint for class time.
Each GalleryTime lesson plan includes:

*Background information about the featured artist(s), artwork * and topic.  Clear, concise and appropriate
for the purpose, this research is detailed enough to allow presenters to feel confident in their knowledge when they
enter the classroom – no matter their previous exposure to art history!   It eliminates the necessity for further

*Suggested discussion topics and activities. Here, the material is approached in a “kid friendly” way, offering
concrete ideas for engaging the minds and imaginations of the children. Open-ended, thought provoking, fun --
the discussion ideas and hands-on activities are flexible so that presenters for elementary school children of all
ages can successfully tailor them to their students' level.  For some presenters, these suggestions serve as
“jumping off points” for their own creative approaches.  Others find that having a lesson plan essentially laid out for
them suits their style better.  One volunteer remarked that there was no stress in presenting
because “it was all there” in the materials.  Although she was neither artist nor teacher, she felt comfortable
presenting the material to the children -- and enjoyed learning along with them.

*A list of suggested art supplies and other materials that will help inspire your young artists..

*Optional “props” (custom posters, portfolios, activity sheets, etc.) -- designed for many of the topics to
enhance the discussion and activities.  When this is the case, the lesson plan will include templates and
instructions for do-it-yourself construction of these extras.

Bonus:  When you make your first GalleryTime purchase, you will receive our guide
featuring suggestions for implementing your own
GalleryTime program and tips for the
classroom, gleaned from 25 years of experience!  
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                  You provide the enthusiasm – GalleryTime provides the “How To”!
is an affordable, reusable
*The cost of each lesson plan is $30.00 plus shipping. When you purchase a GalleryTime lesson plan, you
receive a copy-ready master that may be duplicated for every presenter – and very importantly, may be used year
after year for countless classroom encounters.  
[Use is subject to license agreement.]

*If you prefer, lesson plans can be emailed as PDF files for download.  Save shipping charges and receive your lesson
plans faster!

*Please note: art supplies and prints of the featured artwork are NOT included with the
lesson plans.  Allow us to advise you concerning sources, many of which are
low-cost.  Click on PRINTS above.

Your GalleryTime lesson plans, additional “props”, and your gallery of prints, may be used for years to
come.  Spread over time, the cost is minimal.  We believe, however, that the benefits to the children who
are encouraged to look, analyze and imagine, and to adults who find a unique way to become involved in
the classroom
, cannot be measured in dollars.
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