Vincent Van Gogh -- The Starry Night (1889)
Joseph Stella --
The Brooklyn Bridge (1939)
No artist has ever created a more unforgettable night landscape than Vincent Van Gogh's brilliant Starry Night.  
Above the rooftops of a quiet village, a turbulent sky rolls like the waves of an ocean, illuminated by swirling stars
and a moon as bright as the sun.  In bold, vivid brushstrokes of pure color, Van Gogh's own powerful emotions are
reflected in the scene, and we are swept up in the fervent intensity of his nocturnal vision.

A generation later, Joseph Stella celebrated not the wonders and beauty of nature, but those of the new industrial
age symbolized in his famous depiction of
The Brooklyn Bridge.  Like many young artists of his time, Stella was
concerned with art's role in an age characterized by new technologies and urbanization.  Man's ability to transform
his world seemed without bounds -- and Stella's work served as a paean to the beautiful creations possible in the
industrial world.  Although nature is supplanted by steel and concrete, and the swirling cosmos is replaced by the
constant movement of a busy city in his painting, there is beauty nonetheless.  Stella captured the spirit of a modern
city, glowing in the night with the neon light of man-made stars.

In this session of
GalleryTime, we explore the unique visions of these artists -- and create our own visions of the
                                         Starry Night

                             The Brooklyn Bridge