Joan Miro - People and Dog in the Sun (1949)
Jasper Johns -
Three Flags (1958)
If we could take a sip from a magic bottle like Alice in Wonderland, and shrink into tiny creatures amazed at the size
and look of the things around us, we might be able to surprise ourselves into seeing quite ordinary objects in a
fresh way.  Of course, there is no magic bottle, but luckily we have artists who constantly "reshape" and redefine our
world on canvas, inviting us to have "another look".  Artists have always, in every time and in every milieu, tried to
express their unique visions of the world -- and Joan Miro and Jasper Johns have produced some of the 20th
Century's most imaginative.  

The gentle Spaniard, Joan Miro, certainly provided a different view of people and a dog in
GalleryTime's featured
print! He has created a vividly colored world populated by strange yet familiar images -- a fantasy suspended
somewhere between realism and imagination.  In his painting, Miro was concerned with an altogether different world
than our everyday experience -- the one hidden deep inside our subconscious minds, accessible more through our
dreams than through straightforward reasoning.  The shapes, lines and colors of his painting look playfully back at
us, and challenge our imaginations.  

Jasper Johns is an American artist living and working today, and if past record-breaking sales of his work are any
indication, he may one day be regarded as one of the greatest artists of the 20th Century.  In the 1950's, he first
surprised the art world by taking everyday objects and symbols - the American flag, targets, numbers and letters -
and treating them in such a way on his canvases that we are no longer sure if he created an image or picture of the
object, or an entirely new object made of paint.  

In this
GalleryTime session we look closely at the works Miro and Johns created, and with them try to look at our
world in "another way".
                   Three Flags

People and Dog in the Sun