Mona Lisa - (ca 1503 - 06)
Drawings, Illustrations from Leonardo's Notebooks
By any standards, Leonardo da Vinci was a remarkable individual.  In an age that spawned great geniuses who
would profoundly shape history, he distinguished himself from his contemporaries by the sheer breadth of his
inquiry and by an imagination that reached centuries beyond his time.  He represents our ideal of the Renaissance
Man -- artist, musician, scientist, anatomist, astronomer, mathematician, engineer -- as adept at composing a ballad
or a portrait as he was at dissecting a cadaver!  

The most frequent phrase to be found in the thousands of pages of manuscripts he wrote five centuries ago is "I
question" -- words that sum up his life and his outlook.  Constantly questioning the how's and why's of the world
around him and accepting nothing on faith, he was no doubt one of the most relentlessly curious persons ever born.
 In this session of
GalleryTime, we will explore the world of Leonardo da Vinci, and examine a sampling of the
wonderfully diverse products of this astonishing mind.
Mona Lisa
Pages from Leonardo's Notebooks