Utagawa Toyoharu - Interior and Winter Landscape
Koson - Birds in Bamboo Tree
Kawanabe Kyosai - Tiger
Half a world away, with a history reaching as far back in time as Western civilization's, the peoples of the Far East
have created art forms reflecting different influences, different traditions, and in many ways important differences in
outlook from those of this part of the world.

Oriental art is richly varied and its artists have drawn on religion, history and legends, as well as the land itself for
inspiration, just as the artists of Europe and America have. The art of the Far East is not one homogenous blend,
however, for each country has evolved its individual art traditions.

In this session of
GalleryTime, we will take a glimpse at the traditional art of Japan in a discussion that is just a
beginning of the story of the eloquent heritage of Japanese culture, reflected in its magnificent, immensely
appealing art.
Interior and Winter Landscape
Birds in Bamboo Tree