In a program of lesson plans fine-tuned over 25 years of experience, GalleryTime helps you bring Great Masters
and Great Art into the elementary classroom – merging art history with
imaginative and involving hands-on activities
developmentally appropriate discussion topics.

The results:

*Children are introduced to the works of significant artists.  
In the process, they gain an understanding that
real people, like themselves, created the paintings and sculpture they see and that each work represents a unique
way an individual chose to express him- or herself.

*Children are encouraged to express their own ideas about what they see.  Children need to know that
their ideas have value!  Just as there is no “right” or “wrong” in art, there is no “right” or “wrong” in their responses
to the various works they see.  In thoughtful and entertaining exchanges of ideas, they have a chance to gain
confidence in their own viewpoints. Children discover as well that there are many different ways of seeing and
representing the world, not only through the featured artwork but through the different views of their classmates.

*Children are provided with the opportunity to express their creativity through artwork of their own.  
Imagination is the greatest gift of the artist!
 GalleryTime taps into the natural imagination of children while
supplying a framework of activities designed to lead them toward self-expression.

         Success is the children’s realization that they too are artists!
A Hands-on Art Program
for parents, teachers,
anyone who wants to enrich
the creative lives of children.
Pablo Picasso once wrote, “Every child is an artist”. We
could not agree more – and that is the inspiration behind

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